Poem: Bubbles

Your laughter dances with the bubbles.

You change direction drunkenly

Heavily leaving limbs behind to 

Follow where your red face leads.

Elusive baubles flirt and burst and spin

Fragile victims of the wind’s rough play:

The breeze that longs for even bubbles’ brief

Visual matter, their ephemeral chance to shine.

Tripping in giggling distraction

You fall, muddy knees and shaking shoulders,

As rainbow pearls descend to crown your

Innocence and joy with soapy jewels.

Knees weak with glee, up you get to

Reach again for spinning, leaping air 

And I can only grin from ear to ear.

Up from somewhere deep within

The grey and muffled lostness of my joy,

Laughter froths and bubbles, 

Irresistible as a sneeze or tears.

It erupts and you are both there,

Crowned by sunshine and fun:

A pair of mad, delightful, independent souls

With so much to explore,

So much still to love.